António Branco
University of Lisbon, professor

António Branco is the Director of the Portuguese node of the CLARIN research infrastructure. He is a professor of language science and technology at the University of Lisbon, where he was the founder and is the head of research of the Natural Language and Speech Group (NLX Group) of the Department of Informatics. He is the (co-)author of over 150 publications in the area of language science and technology and has participated and coordinated several national and international R&D projects. He was the coordinator of the European project METANET4U, integrating the R&D network of excellence META-NET. He is a member of the META-NET Executive Board and he is the first author of the White Paper on the Portuguese Language in the Digital Age.

He is coordinating the QTLeap project, an European research project on quality machine translation by deep language engineering approaches.