Christoph Prinz
SAIL LABS Technology, Founder and Managing Director

Speech Artificial Intelligence Language Laboratories (SAIL) is a leading global provider of speech recognition and natural language processing technologies and was founded in 1999 in Vienna, Austria.

SAIL LABS Technology is one of the world's leading global providers and innovators in the field of speech and language technologies. SAIL was founded in 1999 in Vienna, Austria and cooperates with a global network of partners to provide a wide range of services and comprehensive solutions for commercial as well as government customers. Especially in the area of open source intelligence information technology (OSINT) SAIL offers best-of-breed components for ready deployment. SAIL develops technologies to mine media and text including the automatic transcription and indexing of audio, video and text in a variety of languages, as well as for the detection of named entities, identification of speakers and topic detection and has been actively participating in a number of national and international research projects. SAIL creates high-end software for speech- and multimedia analysis solutions.

Presentation abstract

Financial sector risk assessment

Today’s financial institutions, both private and government find themselves in a landscape of free trade and globalization on the one hand, and new forms of threats – political, social, religious and terrorist – on the other hand. Such new threats require news tools and methods to minimize financial institutions risk. The talk will highlight why internationally active banks turn to lessons learned and tools used by security organizations.