At the gala event, the assembled high-level speakers, dignitaries, and guests will have the chance to leisurely discuss the many issues raised throughout the Riga Summit, while enjoying the finest local cuisine, breathtaking choral music, and the architectural marvels of Old Riga.


The Riga Summit gala dinner and concert will be held on the evening of April 28 at the historic Small Guild (Mazā Ģilde), a neo-gothic architectural landmark in the very heart of the Old City. 


The sumptuous meal will be prepared by gourmet chefs from one of Riga’s finest restaurants, Kaļķu vārti, which specializes in contemporary Latvian cuisine. The specially designed menu will be based on traditional specialties artfully reinvented in stunning culinary forms, with local produce sourced from organic Latvians farms.


Throughout the evening, guests will be entertained by one of Latvia's most esteemed choirs, Balsis, led by award-winning conductor Ints Teterovskis. Latvian choral music is renowned throughout the world, and Balsis ranks among the country's greatest ensembles. Balsis recently won first place in the Latvian national choral competition and has performed extensively throughout Europe.

For guests at the gala dinner and concert, Balsis will perform choral music from various periods, from early music to the Renaissance to the Romantic era, culminating in contemporary experimental works and Latvian folk song arrangements. 

We look forward to enjoying an evening of fine cuisine, beautiful music, and stimulating discussion.

Riga Summit Gala Dinner and Concert